Corrosion Inhibitor

Any machine that has water running through it will be susceptible to limescale build up and water corrosion. Left untreated this could lead to extensive damage to valuable machinery and could lead to costly repairs or even the need for a replacement.

At Hydropath we believe in prevention rather than cure so we have developed the Corrosion Inhibitor which is aimed to help reduce and sometime completely eliminate the risk of corrosion in water handling machinery.

We recognise the problems that water can cause so we look to provide products that reduce the risk of Corrosion, therefore reducing the cost to your business. Reducing corrosion can also reduce waste, in many forms, such as wasted time, energy, water and manpower, all things that can add significant costs to your business.

In addition fitting an Inhibitor will protect your pipes, pumps, and appliances which will give your machine better performance and a longer operating life. Our products are un-obtrusive and easy to install, they work independent of flow rate and are suitable for all types of pipe material, fitting directly around the pipe.

Hydropath was originally founded in 1992 by Dr. Danny Stefanini after he devised a theory and a prototype for treating limescale and crystallisation. We have subsequently gone on to refine these techniques and products and now provide technology solutions to various different industries globally from our Head Office base in Nottingham. However, we have not forgotten our roots and are still predominantly a family run company who have become the leading specialist in water care technology.

If you are looking for products that are cost effective, energy saving and eco-friendly then talk to us about our Corrosion Inhibitor and how it can help your business. Customer service is of great importance to us and we look to give you the right tool for the job, supported by excellent advice from our 20 plus years of experience.

Contact us today and we will help you with your water issues, whether they are corrosion based or of another nature.

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