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HydroFLOW® keeps flow rate constant in Gypsum mine


HydroFLOW® keeps flow rate constant in Gypsum mine

In this case study we showcase how HydroFLOW® reduces limescale blockages in the mining industry. Norilsk Nickel Mine had major flow rate issues. In this mining/smelting work, Gypsum (calcium sulphate, CaSO4) is transported through pipelines of 219-245 mm OD for 1km.

The pipelines would scale up with gypsum deposits, reducing the flow to the extent that production stopped for cleaning, as often as 1.5 months. The scale would be so extreme the pipes would completely block.

What happened to pipe every 1.5 months WITHOUT HydroFLOW®

What happened to pipe every 1.5 months WITHOUT HydroFLOW®

Many types of scaling can occur in the pipelines transporting the product. Blocking pipes and valves. Increasing the pressure and reducing the flow. It is also a common problem in pumps driving the fluid, in cooling towers and heat exchangers. And in the process lines transporting limewater or other additives. At the Norilsk Nickel Mine x2 Custom Hydroflow were installed.

What was shown that on the untreated pipes there was a dramatic decrease in the flow rate. From 160 cubic metres/hour to around 40 in 45 days. With HydroFLOW® installed the flow rate remained almost constant. The untreated pipe was stopped when it reached its critical value.

Whilst with HydroFLOW® the treated pipe did not drop to the critical value within the trial period. It remained near constant for the entire period.

HydroFLOW® units offer a simple non-chemical treatment for the problem of hard mineral deposits. Without the need to cut into pipelines or stop production. HydroFLOW® units fit around an existing pipe and transmit a unique electrical signal into the water. The signal prevents minerals from forming as a hard encrustation on surfaces. Instead form as powder-like crystals that are washed out by the flow of the fluid.

Many industries suffer from the problems of mineral scaling on pipelines, heat exchangers and other equipment. The mining industry is particularly vulnerable to the formation of scale due to the challenging nature of industry and high levels of minerals present in the water or slurry.

Hydropath representatives over the world work with mine operatives, facility management teams and mine owners to find the best solution for asset protection.


"We would highly recommend the use of HydroFLOW to anyone who has limescale issues”HydroFLOW® extends the useful life of equipment in mining industry