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Take complete control over your HydroFLOW® ecosystem.

Easy to Install

Complete Control

Real-Time Monitoring

Straightforward connectivity


A future-proof model that connects to HydroFLOW® units and offers flexibility and worldwide compatibility. It connects to the internet via LAN, minimising costs and enhancing adaptability for local customers.


A Project Management Monitoring System (PMMS) integrated with the HYDROKNCT system, enabling real-time global monitoring for customers, partners, distributors, and tracking of their HydroFLOW® installations.


HYDROPATH developed the HydroKnct IOT router, which features a 6-way dry node connection, 4-way relay (COM, NO) output, 4-way analogy detection (current 420mA), and 1-way serial point transmission.

HYDROPATH Care is an industrial IoT webpage/application that is available on both the iOS and Android Playstores and is directly linked to the HydroKnct.

They are connected via a dry connection from the BMS to the HydroFLOW unit. A dry contact is a pair of electrically conductive materials brought together with no voltage or current applied. This acts as a relay for the HydroKnct’s on/off button.

Hydrocare helps ensuring projects are managed. Manage your complete HydroFLOW network with simplicity, from installation to real-time monitoring, all in one location.

A HYDROPATH engineer will issue your account and password. This can be adjusted by pressing the forgotten button.  You can get this by sending an email to or by filling the form on the login page of hyropathcare.

Visit our HYDROPATH Care website for help. You can also contact our Support Centre at

Yes. You can also download the HYDROPATH Care from either the IOS store or Google Play store. You can also use the website.

Hydroknct, which HYDROPATH provides, can be used to integrate HYDROPATH care. To connect this to the internet, use an RJ45 connector.

Yes. HYDROPATH Care integration enables precise monitoring of each unit.

Real-time connectivity

Take complete control over your HydroFLOW® ecosystem.