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Improved Water Quality for Commercial Applications

The P RANGE AQUAKLEAR is designed to improve water quality in both commercial swimming pools and cooling towers.

Swimming pools can suffer from high levels of chloramines and chlorine smell. Backwashing the filters means money is spent on sewage and water charges as well as on additional water heating. Flocculating material improves filtration and reduces backwashing, leading to lower energy usage, water and effluent charges, and also reduces chloramine levels and the associated smell.

In cooling towers, flocculating material similarly reduces the amount of make-up water required and improves water quality. Preventing and removing limescale on heat exchangers and the tower itself reduces maintenance costs and improves their overall efficiency. The P RANGE AQUAKLEAR is designed to reduce bacteria levels, to improve filtration for lower turbidity and reduced backwash and are suitable for commercial pools and cooling towers. Standard P RANGE units are available in various sizes to fit pipes of any material up to 200mm in diameter.

Biofouling Control

Improved Filtration

Standard sizes up to 200mm OD


    Real-time connectivity

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