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Horse Riding Centre recommends HydroFLOW® for limescale problems “with complete satisfaction”


Another great HydroFLOW® endorsement from The Sunshine Tour based in Cadiz, Spain. HydroFLOW® non-chemical water conditioners were installed on their water system to deal with their limescale issues

“We are pleased to announce that HydroFLOW® has been installed in our Horse Riding Center. After a few months of operation of the equipment, most users have noticed our Horse Riding Center water was softer, tastier, the pressure increased and maintenance work due to limescale has been significantly reduced. Also noteworthy is that the unit [HydroFLOW®] requires no maintenance from us, and this is why we sign this with complete satisfaction with the results”

The Sunshine Tour has the most modern horse running facilities in Europe. There are nine fantastic grass competition arenas and twelve all weather arenas for training and competition.

With nearly 30 years in the water industry, the patented HYDROPATH Technology provides water treatment solutions to the homeowner, commerce and industry.

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Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash

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