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From the most challenging of industrial environments to the smallest household, HydroFLOW® water conditioners provide 24-hour protection for water systems all over the world.

Having been awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label for clean and profitable solutions, Hydropath Technology and our HydroFLOW® water conditioners continue to lead product innovation, proven application and unrivalled service to our customers across the globe.

Our technology, manufactured in the UK, offers cost savings and environmental benefits for a wide range of applications, from the Heating, ventilation, & air conditioning (HVAC) and swimming pool industries to the agricultural sector and heavy industry.

Hydropath’s range of HydroFLOW® water conditioners operate by use of a unique, chemical-free, patented ferrite technology that applies an electrical field to the pipe and the water contained within.

The units are easy to install, require no cutting of pipework and are suitable for all pipe materials. Units are available to treat pipes up to 200mm as standard, and larger units suitable for pipes from 220mm to several meters in diameter are available in our “custom range”. Limescale reduces the efficiency and longevity of boilers, increasing energy costs and incurring a cost to the environment too.

Limescale forms when there is a pressure or temperature change, causing it to adhere to the boiler’s heat exchanger or heating element. Hydropath technology works by emitting a varying electric field into the water, causing limescale to form in suspension, which is then washed away with the flow.

In addition to protecting against limescale, Hydropath provides units that improve water quality by controlling biofouling and improving filtration. This ensures that heating surfaces remain free of biofouling and maintain their efficiency, and that water and energy wasted due to backwash are minimised.

24-hour protection for water systems all over the world.

  • One of the best long term measures for the reduction and prevention of the continual scale problem…within 48 hours of operation the water pressure and heating controls had significantly improved and within 7 days the shower unit performance had returned to near 95% of its original condition.

    Residential Housing Installation, UK
  • I have fought with hard water for years and have spent a lot of money on chemicals…this technology worked well beyond my expectations. I just saved $300 in pool chemicals that I normally have to buy to get the pool adjusted correctly.

    Domestic Pool Installation, USA
  • The s38 treats the water via radio-frequency electric field. After 8 weeks we still don’t have to clean this container. Without the s38 we had to clean it 26 times a year… this has been reduced to six to seven times – a reduction of 75%.

    Printing Press Installation, Netherlands
  • Before the installation, the heat exchanger had to be cleaned every 15 days…since installing the HydroFLOW, the heat exchangers and valves have been free of scale and the water pressure is unchanged. No further chemical treatment was required.

    Paper Mill Installation, China
  • I have tested it in every possible way, by leaving water residue lying in the sink and leaving a dripping tap…the only thing remaining in the sink and tub was a thin smear which promptly wiped off with a dry cloth and left no mineral residue whatsoever.

    Caravan Site Installation, Australia

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A label focused on both the environment and profitability

The first label to assess the economic profitability of products or processes that protect the environment. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label is attributed following a strict selection process performed by external independent experts. By ensuring high standards of sustainability and profitability, this internationally recognised label is considered as a recognition for innovators and as a credible marker of quality for solution seekers in business and governments, facilitating their sourcing of solutions to reach environmental commitments.

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