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We love it better WITHOUT chemical treatment

Dairymaid are a food and beverage manufacturer, well know for making ice cream.

HYDROPATH is pleased to announce another success for our award winning HydroFLOW® non-chemical water treatment devices.

Since winning the WEF award for Innovation in 2017, HYDROPATH is ensuring our name comes top as the non-chemical water treatment solution.

At a Dairymaid Facility in South Africa. HydroFLOW® tested in a real world trial throughout 2020 with excellent results.

Dairymaid SA were looking for non-chemical solutions to reduce environmental impacts, running costs and maintenance. As part of the trial, HydroFLOW® units were installed at one of the cooling tower condensers.

At the Dairymaid facility this is the limescale build-up on condenser tube-end using chemical treatment alone.

At the Dairymaid facility this is the limescale  condenser tube-end using HydroFLOW® after a 4 week trial with no chemical treatment

At the Dairymaid Facility, this image above shows the condenser tubes with chemical treatment alone

At the Dairymaid Facility, this image shows the condenser tubes after 3 months of Hydroflow operation. The hardened limescale is coming away from the pipe



“Substantial change in the hardness of the scaling over three months”.

The existing limescale could easily be wiped off by hand on most surfaces.

“There were no new scale forming on any of the tubes, nozzles, frames and other elements. The internal panels above the sump and the eliminators were almost free of scaling”

“Increase of debris in the sump indicating that the surfaces were cleaned by the HydroFLOW®. operation over the three-month trial.”

Significant to note is that Dairymaid identified a reference site (another condenser in a Cooling Tower) at the same site. This Condenser did not have HydroFLOW® and the make-up water is chemically treated.

Even though chemicals were used for water treatment, the tubes were white with scale and there were thick scale forming on the tube ends and frame. The internal panels above the sump and the eliminators were white with scaling too.

Scaling on heat exchanging tubes and equipment forms an insulation layer, reducing heat transfer and wastes energy. Scaling is further damaging to equipment as it creates growing layers for biofilm and bacteria causing unsafe conditions and corrosion.

Hydroflow SA thank Dairymaid and the FM Company for the opportunity to showcase  HydroFLOW® water treatment at a well established and respected facility. By doing so, it adds to our reputation as market leaders in non-chemical water treatment.

The full case study can be obtained from us.

Hydropath Technology products specialise in making systems perform better, more efficiently, with increased longevity, less Water usage, more economic, less chemicals. Our range of HydroFLOW® units, designed for industry, business and home systems, to treat biofouling, to improve filtration via flocculation, and to protect against limescale and many other types of scaling. We have a range of pipe sizes from very small 15mm e.g. to 72” for a power station and bigger if required.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

OEM HydroFLOW® can used on large installations such as Industrial Steam Boilers.