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“Installation was fast and efficient and the product [HydroFLOW®] is amazing…”


Two problems solved with one HydroFLOW® for An American Car Wash

The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW®. From coffee shops to caravan parks. Today we showcase how HydroFLOW® is used by a car wash company in Palm Desert, California. To ensure their car wash system is now limescale-free and maintenance-free. No need for water softeners or added salts. Their reclaim  water system runs efficiently, bacteria and odour-free too.

The Managers talks about the water treatment issues their particular car cash face:

“I run An American Car Wash in Palm Desert opposite Whole Foods. We had two major issues; we need spot-free water and we needed to kill all the germs in our newly installed reclaimed water system so there would be no health risk or smell. We wash 8,000-10,000 cars a month. It takes 41,000 gallons of water to do this, but we are now able to reclaim 60% of this water. The fresh water from the Coachella Valley Water District has lots of calcium and other minerals that leave spots on a vehicle… If not treated properly, reclaim water that has bacteria in it, can have an unpleasant smell”

What the manager says about HydroFLOW®

“We had a company install their HydroFLOW® system. Installation was fast and efficient and the product is amazing…I will be putting one in my home pool and we are fitting them now on our mobile car wash steam machines.”

Our range of units are designed for retro-fit, so no need to stop systems or cut pipes.

Hydropath Technology products specialise in making systems perform better. More efficiently. Increased longevity. In this case their primary motivations to purchase were: Less Water usage. More economic. Less chemicals.

Our range of HydroFLOW® units, designed for industry, business and home systems, to treat bio-fouling, to improve filtration via a non-chemical flocculation process and to protect against limescale and many other types of scaling. We can specify to all types of pipe sizes from very small 15mm e.g. to 72” for a power station and bigger if required.

Get a  brief overview of How Hydropath Patented Technology works

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Apple washing made easier with HydroFLOW®, reducing the need for chemical treatments by reducing bio and funghi build-upA leading professional dishwasher company who is always on the #cuttingedge of #innovation concluded that by using Hydroflow on dishwashers “…it prevents #lime scale building up on the #elements in the rinse #boiler and the #pipework .”

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