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Keeping Your Swimming Pool Filter Clean with HydroFLOW®


Keeping Your Swimming Pool Filter Clean with HydroFLOW®

It really is worth taking a good look at our water treatment solutions for swimming pools and spas.

HydroFLOW® is an award-winning technology. Awarded the title of a clean tech solution to save on water and energy costs. HydroFLOW® water conditioners meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 for Clean Water and Sanitation


In this blog I want to focus on how HydroFLOW® saves on heating costs and water use by improving the operation of pool or spa filtration system.

Filters in swimming pools and spas remove small, suspended particles from the water. The most basic idea is that they act like a sieve, allowing the water to pass through, but picking out theses particles. The smaller the particle, the harder it is for the filter to remove it.

With HydroFLOW®, the filters can perform more effectively because it clumps the particles together and makes them easier to clean. Consequently, we get two additional benefits. It improves the water clarity. It also reduces the need for Backwashing the filter, both in frequency and duration.

Up to 10% of pool water can be used in each backwashing cycle. By using HydroFLOW® you can save your backwashing costs in three ways. The cost of disposing this water. The cost of water to replace it. The cost of heating this replacement water.

Some pool users will add chemical flocculant to help the filter perform better. HydroFLOW® is able to flocculate without the cost of chemicals. And the flock formed is stronger and longer lived than chemically formed flock. That is why we call this a non-chemical flocculation process.


6 real world examples when HydroFLOW® saved on energy costs and water usage

1. Golds Gym and Aquatics Club, WA, USA. HydroFLOW® units installed on the Swimming pools and Hot Tubs.

Results: 70% reduction in filter backwash and reducing water usage to one third from 24 gallons to 6 gallons every 2 months.

2. HaMa’pil Country Club, Israel. HydroFLOW® installed on outdoor swimming pool.

Results: Reduced backwashing means a saving of 48 cubic metre of water a month and reduced maintenance.

3. Garden Gym, Marseilles France. HydroFLOW® unit installed on swimming pool.

Results: Reduction of filter backwash by 5 times. Unit paid for itself in 11 months with the savings of water and heating costs alone.

4. Colmar Stadium, France. HydroFLOW® unit installed on indoor swimming pool.

Results: Backwash reduced by 4.5 times which paid for the unit installation in 7 months by saving of water and heating alone.

5. Villa Rosa Hotel, France. HydroFLOW® installed on Saltwater pool.

Results: HydroFLOW® replaced the need for chemical flocculants to ensure backwashing regime was maintained.

6. Talence Stadium, France. HydroFLOW® installed on training pool.

Results: Reduced the need for chemical flocculants by 60%,  saving 750 Euro a year. Backwashing regime was maintained.

So how does HydroFLOW® do this?

HydroFLOW® became a patented technology in 1992 and has been British Made since then.

The HydroFLOW® unit comprises of a transducer, power supply and ferrite ring. It fits easily around a pipe and has little running costs. A simplified explanation can be found here.

.Finding the right HydroFLOW® Unit for your swimming  pool or spa is simple. We have advisors at hand to help with your enquiry. Email or telephone now for your free quote

As a general guide:

The K40 is designed for the home swimming pool or spa.

For public swimming pools, we have a range of commercial units designed for different pipe sizes.

Swimming pools can vary in size from domestic spas to Olympic sized pools, but they all have some features in common, and therefore all suffer from similar problems that we can address with Hydropath Technology products.

Photo by Jurre Houtkamp on Unsplash

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