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Welcome to the Pearl

2023 heralds the launch of the HydroFLOW® Pearl and Pearl Plus, a redesign and rebrand of our globally-renowned units, the HS38 and S38.

Same innovative technology, new sleek design

The Pearl and Pearl Plus contains the same innovative technology as the HydroFLOW® HS38 and HydroFLOW® S38, but with a new, sleek design and a streamlined fitting process, it will set the benchmark for all HydroFLOW® products in future.

As a company, we have long planned to update the HydroFLOW® HS38 and HydroFLOW® S38 to a design which is less “boxy”, with minimal visual seams, and which sits more comfortably along the pipe. We developed several concepts before arriving at the final design of the Pearl. The new, curved design has the clips incorporated into it, no longer has a split pin and is even easier to remove and reposition. The body neatly hides the DC power supply jack whilst still using the same power supplies previously available for the HydroFLOW® HS38 and S38.

So why the Pearl?

The launch of this new unit comes in our 30th anniversary year as a company – our pearl anniversary – and a pearl is contained within a protective shell of the clam, purifying water. We feel that this symbolism perfectly captures the capabilities of this redesign and rebrand of the HydroFLOW® HS38 and S38.

Proudly made in the U.K.

Table of Contents

Technical Details

Clean with a dry cloth. If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired. As with all electrical equipment, ensure that the equipment is connected in accordance with current electrical regulations in your area.

HydroFLOW® water conditioners are intended for non-chemical treatment of water. Contains no serviceable parts – please contact Hydropath or your local representative for assistance.

Mains power: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 0.4A Max  Units: 12VDC 150mA
Use only with provided power supply; model numbers: CW1200150/ CW1200150UK/ CW1200150EU/ CW1200150US
Do not subject power supplies to excessive moisture.

Units are designed for indoor use.

Altitude: up to 2000m. Temperature: 5 – 40°C
Max. rel. humidity: 80% up to 31°C; 50% at 40°C  Mains supply fluctuations: +/-10% Nominal
Transient overvoltage: up to overvoltage CAT II

Temporary Overvoltages.   Pollution degree 2

Box Contents

  • Main unit section
  • Foot unit section
  • Tie Wraps x2
  • Instructions
  • Power Supply (alternative options)
  • Additional fittings for power supply (for wire-in option)

Pearl Dimensions

Pearl Plus Dimensions


While the HydroFLOW® HS38 unit worked fantastically to prevent limescale and keep boilers running smoothly, we felt it was time to do a visual refresh and bring the look of the unit in line with its effectiveness. We’ve also taken the opportunity to make a few quality-of life improvements, especially in terms of ease of fitting.
No, the unit is still powered by an external 12V DC supply. As before, the power supplies are available with UK, EU or US plugs, with an additional power supply available that can be wired in directly to a fused spur.

The unit will fit a pipe of up to 24mm external diameter (Pearl), and up to 41mm external diameter (Pearl Plus) and will work for any pipe smaller than this.

Yes, there is a change here. The “foot” part of the unit is attached to the pipe first with two tie wraps and then the main section is clipped on after. The “foot” section now is easier to fit behind pipes close to the wall. Watch the video to see the full details.
Yes, the unit can easily be removed by using a knife or flathead screwdriver to unclip the two sections, and then cutting off the tie wraps.
The multi-LED light illuminates in a rotating pattern to indicate that the signal is being induced in the water.

Installation Video Pearl

Installation Video Pearl Plus

Installation Instructions

HydroFLOW® Pearl shown

Attach bottom section of unit to pipe
Secure with tie wraps around lugs on bottom section
Connect PSU to top section of unit with DC jack
Connect top section to bottom section
Ensure both clips are fully engaged
Connect PSU to mains power. In-line PSU CW1200150 must be connected to 3A fused spur

Content Downloads

Download HydroFLOW® Pearl and HydroFLOW® Pearl Plus brand assets for use on your website and social media channels.

Real-time connectivity

Take complete control over your HydroFLOW® ecosystem.