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75% savings on antiscalant and biocides for cooling tower operation with #Hydroflow


Hotel makes 75% savings on antiscalant and biocide treatment, 50%  reduction in blow-down and chiller efficiency maintained with Hydroflow.

While operating well, the cooling towers of Ko Olina Beach Club Marriott hotel needed expensive treatment with antiscalant and biocides. As well as significant maintenance and blowdown. The water supply contained 200ppm calcium carbonate and 50ppm silica. A Hydroflow unit was fitted to the 14” pipe (350mm) diameter pipe feeding the chillers.


Chemical use was gradually reduced, with antiscalant and anti-corrosive completely discontinued after 1.5 months. Biocide reduced by 75% after 2.5 months. Limescale accumulation stopped as soon as Hydroflow was installed. Existing scale and biofilm deposits were gradually removed.

Blow down was reduced by 50% and total bacteria counts continued to be minimal, while the efficiency of chillers was maintained. The reduction in chemicals and blow down led to ROI of 1 year.

Hotel operation leads to a wide array of water treatment challenges. From keeping bathroom fittings free of unsightly limescale deposits to maintaining the efficiency of hot water and cooling systems. To keeping swimming pool water clear and pleasant to use.

Hydroflow electronic water conditioners offer a chemical-free approach to treating both existing and new limescale in heating and cooling systems. It can help address biofouling and reduce wasted water in both cooling tower and swimming pools. They are an alternative to water softeners with benefit of no ongoing replenishment costs, and the treated water remaining potable.

Hydroflow protects against limescale by transmitting its unique cluster-forming signal through the system in order to protect shower, taps and fittings (making them easier to clean) as well as boilers, heat exchanger and cooling towers. Hydroflow uses non-chemical flocculation to help filters work more effectively, improving water quality and reducing water wasted in backwash and blowdown.

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