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Hydroflow makes large scale savings for electronics manufacturer


Hydroflow makes large scale savings for electronics manufacturer.

Hydroflow saves £767 a month on electricity bill, 100% cost savings on antiscalant and reduces biocides by 50-60% for electronics manufacturer.

Deki, established in 1984 is the largest manufacturer of plastic film capacitors in India.

Filfab  the distributor for Hydroflow products in India worked with Deki to find a solution to their long-term issue in the manufacturing process.

Before Hydroflow the company faced scaling issues on the cooling tower pipeline. Additionally, scale was building up on the condenser tubes.

Prior to using Hydroflow the manufacturer required antiscalant dosing daily. Despite this dosing the condenser still needed a manual clean-up every 75-85 days.

Before Hydroflow the company faced biofilm layers in the cooling tower pipe system. They used chemical dosing daily to remove biofilm layers

One Hydroflow commercial unit was installed on the main feed to the chillers to protect condenser tubes and cooling tower pipeline. The main aim was to prevent new formation of limescale and remove existing scale.

From day one of Hydroflow installation 100% antiscalant was stopped and there has been a reduction of 50-60% of antifouling chemicals

After Hydroflow – no new limescale formed on cooling tower pipeline and condenser tubes. 35 days after installation the chiller was opened. All that was found was a fine layer of soft dust.

51 days after installation the manufacturer saw a reduction in the existing limescale.

From the 1st July 2017 to 1st June 2018 electricity output was monitored. It was shown that savings made amount to 8,000 units/month on the pump alone making significant financial savings

Additionally the manufacturer have seen a reduction in maintenance and man power.

Contact Filfab  who provides the ultimate in water care technology to Indian business, industry and consumers. Reducing limescale, preventing bio-fouling and offering chemical-free solutions with a difference.



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