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Industry solutions with Hydroflow


Hydropath work closely with customers to understand their particular industry water treatment issues and find solutions with Hydroflow.

Hydropath customers in the Food Industry, Wastewater Treatment, Utility Companies and Hotel and Leisure Industry are often faced with challenges that require a new and innovative approach. Hydropath are willing to work with you to find that Industry Solution.

Since 1992 the Hydroflow water conditioners have offered non-chemical solutions to limescale, bio-fouling and flocculation issues and we still do today. However doing tests and trials are sometimes required and we step in to work closely with our customers.

Working out solutions can be tricky as the customer does not always know the source of the problem. We put our heads together and work out the parameters of the trial.

Hydroflow representatives all over the world are working with industry customers to find industry solutions to industry problems.

The Hydroflow i Range is designed for more challenging applications in industrial environments, which may suffer from a range of water treatment issues, and require limescale protection, flocculation and biofouling control.

The Industrial Range is more powerful than the standard commercial unit. It features an integrated power supply, is fully waterproofed, and is designed for ease of connection to mains power and building management systems. The i Range is designed to improve water quality and to prevent and remove hard limescale. Standard i Range units are available in various sizes to fit pipes of any material up to 200mm in diameter.

The Hydroflow i Range is IP Rated 68 offering robust protection in the toughest of environments



Weather proofed HydroflowHydroflow makes large scale savings for Electronics manufacturer

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