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Cement Factory, Shahrud, Iran


Hydroflow Commercial

The exhaust gases from this factory kiln came out at a high temperature and with a high level of pollution. These issues had to be addressed before the exhaust gas could be discharged. In the gas conditioning tower, water was sprayed from 24 nozzles in order to cool the gases so that they could be sent to the filters. The limescale build-up on the nozzles was severe for a few reasons:

  • The factory was in an area with very hard water.
  • There was a pressure drop from 45-60 bar inside the ring of nozzles down to atmospheric level as the water was sprayed.
  • The hot gas meant that the ambient temperature was 350°

Before the installation of HydroFLOW, 4-8 out of the 24 nozzles needed to be cleaned every single day. The filter cartridges placed before the nozzles also scaled up, meaning that they could not easily be removed from their casing.

A HydroFLOW was installed in July 2009, on the line from the high pressure pumps to the 24 nozzles, after the cartridge filters.


The results were some of the most impressive seen in a cement factory. After fitting the HydroFLOW unit the maintenance team did not need to clean a single nozzle for a year.  Similarly, the cartridge filters did not clog up or require cleaning.

Following this success, a further unit was installed on the second production line at the end of 2010.

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