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Horizon Leisure Centre, Havant, UK



HYDROPATH carried out a successful trial with the award-winning Gym of the Year, Horizon Leisure Centre in Havant, a hard water area in the south of England.

The Leisure Centre had installed new poolside flooring which had been sandblasted to give it grip and texture. The sandblasting had allowed a heavy build-up of unsightly limescale to form within the flooring. This gave the appearance of the poolside area being dirty.

Limescale visible in poolside flooring. Large quantities of chemicals and extensive jet washing were necessary to try to keep the scale under control. A HydroFLOW was fitted to see if the scale problem could be solved.

Before HydroFLOW

Poolside area free of hard scale.

After HydroFLOW

The results, following the installation of HydroFLOW, were remarkable. As the Centre Manager, Paul Sweeney, said, “The floor was drinking chemicals before we fitted the HydroFLOW…we were spending 4 to 6 hours per side of the pool…now it takes that for the whole pool”.

Savings in poolside cleaner chemicals (the Hydroflow was fitted on January 5th)
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Going hand in hand with this cost saving was a 75% reduction in man hours used to clean the pool sides.

Hydropath’s innovative HydroFLOW technology is protecting the Gym of the year 2017
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