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Fixing Brackets For Custom Units



While fitting HydroFLOW units is relatively straightforward, with just a couple of straps to tighten, there are always times when you wish it could be easier – usually while on top of a ladder or when trying to fit a unit upside-down. This is particularly true on our larger custom units, which are not only heavier, but often installed in more out-of-the-way locations.

To making fitting installation a quicker (and less stressful) experience, we’ve developed a new bracket for the custom units to help secure the unit to the pipe.

Take a look at the video above to see how they work.

The idea is that the bracket fits to the pipe first, so all the tricky dealing with straps can be done on a lightweight bracket, and securing the heavy main unit transducer just takes a couple of tightens of some nuts.

The bracket can be pre-assembled, so there’s no worry about the bolts falling down a hole. The banding is also simple and easier to use.

We are now shipping these brackets with all custom units. Updated instruction manuals are available in the learning center.