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HydroFLOW Ukraine conduct successful trials


HydroFLOW Ukraine conduct successful trials

Pool operators from Olympic size to water parks and household spas constantly try to achieve the highest level of water quality.

In any pool the two main challenges are:

  1. maintaining efficient filtration of the water and;
  2. keeping the bacterial count low without adding too much chlorine.

The “Ukraine Children Recreation Service” prioritises quality service and social responsibility. Accordingly, this trial using HydroFLOW® was proposed. The purpose of the one month trial was to achieve a higher quality of water using a reduced amount of chemicals.

Before the installation of the HydroFLOW® device

  • In order to maintain a concentration of chlorine in the pool, it was necessary to add at least 15 litres per day.
  • The chlorine concentration and the water status was unsatisfactory.

After the trial

  • When using the HydroFLOW®, the use of chlorine was reduced by 50-60%

Following this trial, HydroFLOW® in Ukraine has been awarded a certificate for its water treatment by the WORLD WATERPARKS ASSOCIATION of UKRAINE.

Custom UnitsHydroFLOW® installed on brewery system to unclog filters and get rid of unpleasuant smelly bio

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