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From Bakery to Brewery with HydroFLOW®


The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW®. From bakery to brewery. We showcase how HydroFLOW®  is used at a brewery in Ukraine to achieve maximum results.

Within weeks of HydroFLOW® installation, the mechanical filters were unclogged of bio deposits which had completely blocked them.

The “unpleasant odour” was gone.

Additionally the heat exchangers reached optimal performance with continual removal of limescale.

“After 30 days using HydroFLOW®, and without using any chemicals or extra labor costs, it was possible to completely restore the efficiency of the mechanical filter, while improving the water quality in the system”

Our range of HydroFLOW® units are designed to treat bio fouling, to improve filtration via non-chemical flocculation process, and to protect against limescale and many other types of scaling.

You will have to go to Ukraine to get to taste the beer but is you want to know more about what solutions we provide contact us

Photo by fred crandon on Unsplash

At potato fries manufacturers in Holland HydroFLOW® has been used to protect the hot water system and pumps from limescale build-up

Real-time connectivity

Take complete control over your HydroFLOW® ecosystem.