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Clarity in swimming pool with HydroFLOW®


Real “impressive results” and clarity in swimming pool at Realto, Italia with HydroFLOW®

Liguria is known as the Italian Riviera. A place where visitors enjoy long sandy beaches, that inimitable Italian glamour, hiking the hills and mountains and getting out into nature.

Owners of B & B in Ligure wanted to make changes to the maintenance in their swimming pool.

For environmental reasons they wanted to reduce the dosage of chemicals . And to reduce the impact of that water on the skin to enhance the swimmer experience.

HydroFLOW® K40 was installed before the recirculating pump. This promotes good flocculation to enhance the filtration process. The aim to eliminate bio with a consequent reduction in chlorine dosage. It was important to maintain water clarity.


The recirculation pump was turned at intervals. 8 hours during a 24 hour day.

All chemicals were stopped. After five days the pool was in the same condition.

No seaweed. No slime. No bacteria. NO SMELL OF CHLORINE

After 10 days  the transparency and water clarity was much IMPROVED

“PARTICULARLY IMPRESSIVE when the pool was lit up at night”

The customer noted a positive impact of the water on skin. No redness of eyes due to excess chloramines. A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER. No chemicals were required except periodic dosing every 15 days.

HydroFLOW® K40 is designed to improve water quality of pools, hot tubs and spas. It works well with water features and ornamental ponds.

Reducing bacteria levels and improving filtration leads to clearer and more pleasant water.

Using HydroFLOW® K40 leads to a reduction in maintenance meaning easier and cheaper to run. It makes it more pleasant to use, with reduced skin and eye irritation. and that unpleasant smell which comes from chlorine usage. HydroFLOW® K40 helps the filtration process for lower turbidity and reduced backwash.

Easy to retrofit. Generally fit on the inlet pipe to the pump and before the filter. Can be installed on all kinds of pipe material. Fits on a pipe size up to 63mm. No plumbing required.

Simple and at 1.2 W uses less that £2 a year electricity to run.

We have HydroFLOW® units working all over the world on multiple applications. From combi boilers to cooling towers. From homes to hospitals. From fish tanks to factories. From potato chips to silicone chips. From Condensors to Kitchens. From steel mills to struvite. From aquariums to agriculture. From steel mills to struvite. From cooling towers to condominiums.

I absolutely love this soulful photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash

The HydroFLOW® International Roadshow 2018. HYDROPATH exhibit non-chemical solutions to limescale, bio-fouling and flocculation issues in commerce, industry and your home.Apple washing made easier with HydroFLOW®, reducing the need for chemical treatments by reducing bio and funghi build-up

Real-time connectivity

Take complete control over your HydroFLOW® ecosystem.