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The HydroFLOW® International Roadshow 2018. HYDROPATH exhibition showcase


The HydroFLOW® International Roadshow 2018. HYDROPATH exhibit non-chemical solutions. For limescale, bio-fouling and flocculation issues in commerce, industry and your home.

OK, OK it is NOT very British to boast. But we at HYDROPATH do want to show off. We want to say how proud we are of Hydropath Technology.

Hydropath Technology has been going for over 25 years. We started in a small office in Nottingham, UK. Now we have global representatives in 59 countries and growing.

We at Hydropath believe that exporting is great. HYDROPATH has been banging the drum of our green technology, chemical-free and low energy consumption. Globally, day by day, people have been switching onto Hydropath technology. It might be new to you. Hydropath technology is not new.

Exhibition are high-octane events. Companies spend months preparing. Preparing how the stand will look. Preparing where to place the exhibition stand. How to stand out from the crowd at exhibition. Getting on international flights. Taking personnel away from every day business.

Hydropath Technology global representatives have made these efforts. We want to showcase these efforts. And we want to thank all of you who visited our exhibition stands. The HydroFLOW® International Roadshow 2018 has ended.

The HydroFLOW® International Roadshow 2019 has yet to begin.

HydroFLOW® for limescale. HydroFLOW® for bio-fouling. HydroFLOW® for flocculation.

See you next year. HYDROPATH wish you a happy and healthy new year.


Impressive results in Rialto swimming pool with HydroFLOW

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