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Hydropath go live @IFATWorldwide 2018


Hydropath go live @IFATWorldwide 2018. This exhibition is designed for seeking environmental real world solutions in water, sewage and waste.
I’m writing this blog from our office in the UK. My team are sending me photos and updates of our visitors and stand and I can #feelthebuzz all the way from Munich to Nottingham.
IFAT is a perfect showcase for our Hydropath products. We specialise in offering real world chemical-free solutions to industry who have to deal with limescale and bio-fouling issues that hamper their every day working day. Until I came to work at Hydropath I could not perceive that the limescale I see in my kettle can grow and grow and literally block pipes. Additionally the problem of bio-fouling causes an enormous amount of operational issues. I find my life at Hydropath
So there my team is at IFAT 2018 – and here I am here at HQ letting people know about what we think is the best thing since slicing bread machines!

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