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Hydroflow the real alternative to water softeners


Sometimes it’s good to show off and today Hydropath HQ has got itself a new look.

Hydroflow the real alternative to water softeners and our range of Hydropath products are designed to protect against limescale biofouling and flocculation. Hydroflow makes the home, business and industry work better every day. You will find the Hydroflow in plant rooms, boiler rooms, cupboards, rooftops, down holes and in mines. I have seen photos of the Hydroflow submerged in water, blazing under the sun and in sewage treatment works. The Hydroflow is that quiet, productive member of the team. The Hydroflow supports that essential work going on every day, behind the scenes, protecting and saving cash and energy all the time, chemical-free real world alternative to water softeners.

We at Hydropath Technology Ltd know it’s not glamorous but we are proud of what the Hydroflow achieves. We are proud of what our team and network of partners and distributors who champion Hydropath Technology achieve every day.

For the last 25 years Hydropath have been based in Nottingham, UK. We have had a few re-brands and new looks. We have added to our ranges and changed our scope. We have changed our packaging. We have dropped boxes from balconies to see how well the boxes protect the Hydroflow inside. We have made some boxes bigger and other boxes smaller. As every company must do, we evolve.

I personally think the Hydroflow was a 21st Century product back in the 1992 when it was first invented and patented by my dad Dr. Danny Stefanini and the business was founded by him and my mum Dalia Stefanini. I was a teenager then and there were only a few ecology based organisations who had real conversations about energy efficiency. Now, all serious businesses take green issues seriously. As consumers we are demanding that the businesses we purchase from do take it seriously. Consumers are looking for products like Hydroflow a chemical-free real alternative to water softeners.

So Hydropath products have always been 21st Century on the inside but now we look like it on the outside too.  Hydropath Technology re-brand has gone inside out.

Hydroflow the real alternative to water softeners, By Alonit Stefanini, Customer Services Manager @ Hydropath Technology Ltd

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