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Hydroflow protects natural underground hot water spring Luxury Apartments


Hydroflow protects natural underground hot water spring Luxury Apartments

Tamsui is a small district near Taipei, Taiwan – famous for its underground hot springs. It is also a perfect place for a short retreat from the busy metropolitan Taipei City. This luxury apartment building called Taipei Ocean Horizon with 360-degree view of the mountain vista and Tamsui river has its very own roof-top hot spring pools.

Underground hot spring water has hardness levels of above 400ppm

In November 2017 and June 2018 over 30 Hydroflow have been installed to prevent and reduce scaling, offering limescale protection in all piping systems, hot spring wells, and submersion pumps. Hydroflow was also installed to improve filtration and control biofouling in the spa pools, Jacuzzis and swimming pools.

With the installation of Hydroflow units’ maintenance and regular cleaning frequency has been extended because soft scale in the system is washed away in flow of water. Bacteria count in swimming pools and Jacuzzis are now within the government regulator limits (<500 cfu). Maintenance cost is usually reduced by 50% depending on location of the site and well depth.

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Hydroflow the real alternative to water softenersWeather proofed Hydroflow

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