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“My doubts about the functioning of the HydroFLOW® were dispelled and I was confident 100%”


“The risk to biological contamination such as Legionella is greatly reduced with a clean water system. My doubts about the functioning of the HydroFLOW® were dispelled and I was confident 100%”. So says the Managing Owner, Plaza Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium

In the gorgeous 81 bedroom Plaza hotel in Antwerp, a 20-year old heat exchanger was found to be clear of scale after installing the HydroFLOW® industrial model i60.

The manager was considering lots of different softener systems but chose to be brave and trial a non-chemical approach. Despite her “initial scepticism” she is now “confident 100% in HydroFLOW®”

HVAC systems frequently experience problems due to the build-up of hard limescale. This leads to an increase in energy costs. Scale can also cause blockages; impair valves or pumps. Limescale increases maintenance and costs.

You don’t need chemicals to deal with limescale. There is a better eco-friendly solutions as Martine Goethals, Manager and owner of hotel discovered.

“From that moment we were convinced of the quality of HydroFLOW® technique against scale and that this is the proper technique to protect against scale”

Mrs. Goethals praises Maimtec in Netherlands for their great customer service and expertise.

“From the beginning I received from you in a correct manner, information and references about the possibilities of the HydroFLOW® for my hotel”

HydroFLOW® electronic water conditioners offer a chemical-free approach to treating both existing and new limescale. A real alternative to water softeners with the benefit of no ongoing replenishment costs, and the treated water remains potable.

A single HydroFLOW® commercial unit can cover an entire system with it’s unique cluster-forming signal. It travels through the plumbing network covering both the hot and cold services. To protect shower, taps and fittings to make them easier to clean. As well as cylinders, boilers and heat exchangers.

HydroFLOW® fits around pipe so very easy to retro-fit. Contact us for your nearest distributor or agent.



The HydroFLOW® International Roadshow 2018. HYDROPATH exhibit non-chemical solutions to limescale, bio-fouling and flocculation issues in commerce, industry and your home.