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Colmar Nautical Stadium saves €10,000 a year by using HydroFLOW®


Colmar Nautical Stadium saves €10,000 a year by using HydroFLOW®

By using the non-chemical electronic water conditioning HydroFLOW® system, Colmar Stadium complex makes €10,000 a year savings.

Based in Alsace, France the stadium has 1 indoor pools and 4 outdoor pools. They looked for a solution to save water and energy consumption on their filtration system. The main costs were the outlay of chlorine, water, heating and chemicals.

Before HydroFLOW®, Colmar flushed away the equivalent of 2 Olympic swimming pools every 1.5 weeks to clean the sand filters.

Now with the HydroFLOW®, Colmar saves the equivalent water of 1 Olympic swimming pool for the same amount of time. They have calculated yearly saving of €10,000. The biggest savings is in the heating of water, followed by reduced fresh water usage, reduced backwashing and reduced chlorine/chemicals.

Each pool has individual maintenance regimes. Looking after swimming pools and spas can be challenging. The main aim is to make the experience as pleasant as possible for pool users. One of the biggest problem is that unpleasant smell associated with chlorine use.  HydroFLOW® offers a real chemical-free alternative and we have the right unit for any size pool or spa

The HydroFLOW® ranges are designed to improve water quality. We offer a real alternative to chemical treatments, with multiple benefits in one package. The units are easy to retro-fit and all our distributors work with you to offer a bespoke package suitable to your maintenance regime

HydroFLOW® uses non-chemical flocculation to help existing filters work more effectively. The water becomes clearer, and the filter itself becomes easier to clean. This means that the amount of water wasted on backwashing (and the energy and chemicals used to heat and treat it) can be dramatically reduced. Reductions in the total amount of backwashing and the savings on water, sewage and chemical charges can be huge. Additionally, as chloramine levels are lowered, the swimming pool smell and eye irritation is also reduced.


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