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GreenPro Label awarded to HydroFLOW®


We sat down with Filfab to discuss their latest achievement “The GreenPro Label” and what that means to us as a company.

At Hydropath we are at the forefront of sustainable cleantech for H2O treatment, taking pride in the positive impact our products have on the planet. As passionate as we are about our products, external validation is always gratifying. That’s why when we heard Filfab, Hydropath’s Indian partners, set out to obtain the well-respected GreenPro Label, we couldn’t wait to be part of this exciting opportunity.

What is the GreenPro Label?

When Filfab proposed the idea, we sought to understand what the GreenPro accreditation was and what it meant for the company. Simply put, it is a method of determining whether a product, material, or technology is concerned with reducing its environmental impact. As a result, end users in the construction industry can be confident that they are selecting a sustainable solution. The Green Pro Ecolabel is accredited by the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) through GENICES- GEN’S Internationally Co-ordinated Ecolabelling System.

A round golden plaque with the words 'Filfab Corporation (SMD) - Hydroflow product range 2023' on it.
The GreenPro Award for Filfab

Filfab's Motivation for the GreenPro Label

We reached out to Filfab’s National Sales Manager, Hanzala Paloba, to learn more about what motivated them to achieve this label. He revealed that “The demand for green products in all sectors has been growing in India”. As a result, now is an excellent time for products like HydroFLOW to receive the recognition they deserve. Our products positively impact the environment in various ways, including water conservation and prolonging equipment lifespan. These attributes make them an ideal candidate for the GreenPro Label.

Steps taken by Filfab to achieve the Label

This process required a significant amount of effort, beginning with the registration of the products under Innovative Technologies. The next step was to consistently promote the green benefits of HydroFLOW products on their social media platforms. These advantages were expanded upon in presentations given to Green Pro. Which were intended to demonstrate how our units help achieve sustainability goals by conserving water, electricity, and reducing chemical use. Denzil Rodrigues, Head of Innovation at Hydropath HQ, assisted Filfab by sharing his knowledge to help with the final, most difficult step: document completion. There were around 25 documents ranging from case studies to lifecycle analysis to test certificates. Although the journey was difficult, the end result was extremely rewarding, not only for us, but also for the environment!

Hanzala reveals what the label means for the Hydropath team

"The GreenPro Label has significant implications for our company. It positions HydroFLOW Technology as a prominent brand in sustainable cleantech innovation within the Indian market. This prestigious certification opens up several opportunities for us: "

  • Enhanced Credibility: The Green Pro Label serves as a way of reassuring customers that HydroFLOW is an environmentally friendly and long-lasting solution.
  • Market Penetration: It gives Filfab a competitive advantage, enabling them to enter the market more quickly and efficiently. 
  • Access to Key Partners: We have easier access to green building consultants and real estate firms thanks to GreenPro recognition, which facilitates partnerships and collaborations. 
  • Government Projects: The label will position HydroFLOW favourably for government projects and initiatives focused on the sustainable.
  • Customer Trust: The GreenPro label reassures that we are a trustworthy and eco-friendly solution to customers. 

Celebrating the prestigious award 

A man in a suit, at an awards ceremony, holding a golden plaque.
Hanzala at the GreenPro Ceremony

What better way to celebrate the GreenPro Label achievement, than at a prestigous ceremony at the Taj West Lands hotel in Bangalore. The elegant event brought together over 200 professionals from various sectors, creating an ecstatic atmosphere!

“The GreenPro label ceremony was not just a recognition of our efforts but also an opportunity to showcase our commitment to sustainability and cleantech innovation. It served as a platform to connect with key stakeholders in the field of green technology and further solidify our position as a leading provider of eco-friendly solutions in India.”


By Gabriela Cisak

With special thanks to Hanzala Paloba

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