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Award winning HydroFLOW® Part 2

A to Z systems and sector success stories

Clean tech water treatment for limescale, biofouling and non-chemical flocculation.

HydroFLOW® is a modular and scalable system. It is used on many different applications and systems. You will find these systems used in all sectors of industry, commercial buildings and the residential home. Pretty much anywhere where water is, HydroFLOW® is too.

Patented in 1992, HYDROPATH and our Partners have 30 Years’ experience with HydroFLOW®.

We have hundreds of documented case studies, testimonials and success stories from around the world. I want to give you a flavour of these sectors and systems.

Alonit Stefanini Wainwright
MD, Hydropath Technology


N is for Non-Carbonate Scale: When my father, Dr. Danny Stefanini, first invented HydroFLOW®, his thesis was all about the treatment of Calcium Carbonate Scale, commonly known as Limescale. 90% of the cases we deal with are indeed calcium carbonate.

30 years on, we have much more in-depth knowledge of HYDROPATH Technology products.

This has been achieved through field study, product development and R&D. We continue to discover its reach year on year. In 2022, HYDROPATH has more relevance than ever before. This is because governments, organisations, sectors and individuals seek out solutions such as HydroFLOW®.

Did you know that HydroFLOW® assists not only with the treatment and prevention of normal limescale – i.e. calcium carbonate, but also with the treatment of non-carbonate scale, such as sulphate and phosphate scale?

N is also for an endorsement by Nautica Gomila in Spain. We received a letter from their Marina Porto Colom “to confirm full satisfaction with results obtained with the HydroFLOW® descaling system.”


The A to Z journey of HydroFLOW® applications and sectors continue. O stands for Office Buildings. HydroFLOW® is specified and installed for limescale management in all types of commercial building.

HYDROPATH work in collaboration with architects, specifiers, mechanical & building services and installers. We work at all stages of the building process, whether it is at design and specification, construction all types of retrofit projects.

O is also for biofouling management on Ornamental Ponds and even an Otter Pool in a Wildlife Zoo.

O is for protecting the fruit washing equipment from limescale build-up at G and G Orchards.

Lastly, O is for HydroFLOW® is installed at time of manufacture as an OEM.


HydroFLOW® is a Patented technology

HydroFLOW® is used in many a multitude of different systems utilised in the manufacturing process. HYDROPATH has documented case studies at a Printing Factory, Paper Mill and Plastic Pellet Factory to mention a few.

HydroFLOW® units are effective on all types of pipe material. HydroFLOW® is installed in many instances on all types pipeline as well as Concrete Pipes. Our largest installation so far is on a 72” pipe in a Power Station.


The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW®. HYDROPATH is proud to be a British Company, with a technology that was invented and patented in Britain in 1992.

It is a product that continues to be British Made and Manufactured. This month I want to pay tribute to our Queen Elizabeth, who championed British companies just like HYDROPATH.


The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW®. From Reverse Osmosis applications in desalination plants to Residential dwellings such as Universities.

Given all that, I love this Referral letter from the Restaurant “Thyme and Seasons” in Bountiful, Utah USA.

HydroFLOW® chemical-free CleanTech water treatment is designed to prevent limescale, improve filtration and prevent biofouling. Restaurant owner Chef Hai Fitzgerald recommends HydroFLOW® for ice maker machines. “I have ice makers with three filters, one GE, one Everpure and one 3M to prevent hard water build-up” he writes.

Costs BEFORE HydroFLOW® : “annual costs of each machine filter cost $170 along with a capital investment of $270 “in an effort to reduce or eliminate hard water build-up”.

His maintenance regime BEFORE HydroFLOW® “I had to scrape my ice machines every couple of months to clean them. I also did a total breakdown of all these units every six months. For a six hour tear down, descaling, cleaning and sanitizing”.

Replacement costs BEFORE HydroFLOW® “Even with all this, we have to replace the ice machine every 2 years from scale damage”.

Four months AFTER HydroFLOW® was installed Chef Hai wrote: “Since our last major cleaning of the ice machine, we have noticed little to no scale build up or hard water residue”.


The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW® from Sea Water Cooling Systems used in Hong Kong to Seal Pools at a zoo.

S is for Swimming Pools and Spas.

S is for HydroFLOW® used to protect against limescale build-up on Industrial Steam Boilers used in for Textile Dying process in Garment Industry. Equally HydroFLOW® is for Steam Ovens in a Restaurant or Bakery.

S is for HydroFLOW® installation at a Steel Works.
In a steel works factory in Asia, production had to be stopped EVERY WEEK due to limescale blockage. The scale deposited in the pipes needed to be cleared ONCE A WEEK. The furnace cover needed replacement every SIX MONTHS.

Once HydroFLOW® was installed on the three production lines, 2 productions lines continued without maintenance for 6 months and the third needed maintenance twice. In the six-month finance reporting since HydroFLOW® was installed, the steel factory saved $6,000 a month on each production line.


The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW® . HydroFLOW® has been used for reducing bio in a Trout farm and reducing limescale build-up during the Textile Dying process.

T is also for Titanium. In 2017, a Titanium factory in Ukraine conducted a trial of HydroFLOW® on the manufacturing processes required to make Titanium. In the trial period between April 12 and May 3 HydroFLOW® was installed on the water supply pipeline.

Results after HydroFLOW® : “ Biological deposits reduced by 75%. Evidence showed that there was prevention of limescale deposits on ERG (Electron Ray Gun) cathodes, cooling surfaces remained clean, ERG mode of operation remained constant, gaskets did not need to be replaced, filter before pump remained clear, heat transfer in ERG improved, and no chemicals reagents were required.”

The Maintenance Manager at the factory reported that “HydroFLOW® unit allows the equipment to operate in constant operating regime and prevents from emergency shut downs”. The test was conducted with an independent judicator and all photos were taken with a factory workers’ supervision. Detailed report available on request.


The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW® from University Buildings to Universal Studios.

A British institution like British Gas was once the only utility company in the UK. Since 1992 British Gas have recommended and installed the HydroFLOW® to British householders in hard water areas.

A satisfied customer says

“We had really cloudy water after years of limescale build up when we bought our new site. Since installing the HydroFLOW® 3 months ago it has significantly improved the heating capacity and condition of the water from our combi boiler”.


The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW® from Aqua VET disinfection.

HydroFLOW® is for Ventilation in all HVAC applications. These can be found in all commercial building like university accommodation, office buildings, care homes and hospitals.

V is also for Vivianite Non-carbonate scale. Did you know that HydroFLOW® assists not only with the treatment and prevention of limescale – i.e. calcium carbonate, but also with the treatment of non-carbonate scale, such as struvite and vivianite scale?


W is for HydroFLOW® used for limescale and bio management. From well water and water features to waste water treatment.

After winning the 2017 WEF Innovation Award, many international and national WWTPs have since utilised HydroFLOW® with measurable successes in polymer reduction by over 10% in de-watering processes.

As with all Hydropath products, it provides protection against limescale but also struvite and vivianite. Machinery such as centrifuges, heat exchangers and belt presses can be protected from scale, minimising downtime and preventing early servicing intervals.


The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW® from eXtreme environments to Xella.

Xella produce Ytong Concrete blocks and are the largest manufacturer of concrete blocks in the world.

During the cement manufacturing process, lime and limestone causes scaling problems both on the pump and pipeline.

In 2014, HydroFLOW® units were installed on a cement factory pump and pipeline. A year after HydroFLOW® installation the Head of Technical Services reported “So far we can say that the water flow in this system has remained the same, if not slightly more. The past year has not led to revenue problems. In recent years we cleaned the pipe 2x per year. This year we didn’t have to do it…”. This represented a saving in labour, reduced downtime and calculated chemical savings of at least 75%.


The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW® from Yachts to Yakama Nation Well Water.

Y is also for Yoghurts. HYDROPATH work with the Dairy Industry to find solutions in the production processes to reduce water use, to reduce chemical use and minimise maintenance expenses.

Following HydroFLOW® installation on a cooling tower at a major international dairy producer, the results were:


Z is Zoos. We have a record of several installations in Seal and Otter Pools. In this case study HydroFLOW® was installed to deal with quite a smelly problem at Lunaret Zoo, France.

The Ibis pool in Lunaret zoo was experiencing water quality problems. Mostly due to the bird droppings, the water gave off “an unbearable smell”. A large amount of biofilm and algae was also present which required the filter to be cleaned DAILY.

Three weeks after HydroFLOW® installation “problems disappeared” .

Contact HYDROPATH for more information on HydroFLOW®

Clean Tech Water Treatment for limescale, biofouling and non-chemical flocculation.

Signing off.

Alonit Stefanini Wainwright

MD, Hydropath Technology Ltd

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