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The hidden HydroFLOW®


The hidden HydroFLOW®

OEM HydroFLOW® can used on applications as small as Espresso machines

OEM HydroFLOW® can used on applications as small as Espresso machines

Hydropath Technology products specialise in making systems perform better, more efficiently, with increased longevity, less Water usage, more economic, less chemicals.

For limescale  problems.

For Biofouling issues.

To enhance filtration through a non-chemical flocculation process

We have a range of different models and sizes designed to do the job that is required.

HydroFLOW® is easy to retro-fit, so can be installed to deal with your current issue right now.

HydroFLOW® is specified in at the designed process.

HydroFLOW® can also be installed at source or OEM

According to Investopedia “An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provides the components in another company’s product, working closely with the seller of the finished product, known as the value-added reseller (VAR).”

HydroFLOW® has been tried and tested by a number of manufacturers and utilised for this very reason.

HYDROPATH designers and engineers work with manufacturer to find ideal solution for the product.

HydroFLOW® water treatment devices  are installed on systems such as:

  • Heat Exchangers (Plate/Tube and Shell/Water Heaters)
  • Cooling Towers
  • Steam Boilers
  • Pipelines
  • Sea Water Cooling
  • Pump Rooms
  • Humidifiers and Evaporators.

HydroFLOW® water treatment installed at point of manufacture offers a range of benefits both to manufacturer and for the end user.

HydroFLOW® electronic water conditioners provide the further advantage over conventional water softeners, in that there are no user maintenance requirements or consumables to replace, thus removing the human element and ensuring constant protection.

HydroFLOW® units are available in a wide range of sizes, from units suitable for a 15mm pipe to those suitable for a cooling tower.

HydroFLOW® water treatment conditioners are designed to prevent limescale, improve filtration and fight biofouling. OEM HydroFLOW® can used on applications as small as Espresso machines to large installations such as Cooling Towers and Industrial Steam Boilers.

Supermarket uses HydroFLOW® water treatmentOEM HydroFLOW® can used on large installations such as Cooling Towers

Real-time connectivity

Take complete control over your HydroFLOW® ecosystem.