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HydroFLOW® water treatment installed in Sanno Hospital, Tokyo


From homes to hospitals with HydroFLOW®

In July 2020 installation was completed at a a well known Tokyo hospital in Japan. 

In our world, installation often follows a long technical and sales process. A site survey may be required.  Specification by architect or building specifier. Bidding is often required by many different suppliers. HydroFLOW® can be specified in before the hospital plant room has even been built!

From homes to hospitals with HydroFLOW®

Luckily, HydroFLOW® is easy to retro-fit. As you can see here at this hospital plant room in Sanno Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

Hospital hot water systems are often under extreme use which can lead to rapid build-up of limescale. These hot water systems frequently experience problems due to the build-up of hard limescale. Leading to an increase in energy costs. Limescale can also cause blockages. It can impair valves or pumps and cause unsightly deposits on bathroom fittings. Increasing maintenance time and costs.

HydroFLOW® units protect the hard-working boiler plant rooms. Allowing them to maintain efficiency of boilers, pipes and pumps. Saving energy, maintenance time and money.

HydroFLOW® electronic water conditioners offer a chemical-free approach to treating existing and new limescale as well as biofouling. They are an alternative to water softeners. With the benefit of no ongoing replenishment costs, and of the treated water remaining potable.

HydroFLOW® units protect the hard-working boiler plant rooms allowing them to maintain efficiency of boilers, pipes and pumps, saving energy, maintenance time and money.

HydroFLOW® is a non-chemical water treatment used in many hospitals for a variety of reasons – to deal with limescale and bio issues in many different locations where they can cause issues in hospital management

A single HydroFLOW® unit can cover an entire system. With its unique cluster-forming signal that travels through the plumbing network covering both hot and cold services. To protect shower, taps and fittings (making them easier to clean). As well as cylinders, boilers and heat exchangers. HydroFLOW® can also help to control biofilm in heat exchangers, cooling towers and plumbing systems.

Control of limescale is also important for the prevention of Legionnaires Disease. As noted in the L8 agreed code of practise for Legionnaires Disease, hardness scale forms a barrier to treatment chemicals and may provide microbial habitat. (L8-1, 1.9). Heavily scaled heat exchange surfaces make it more difficult to maintain the higher temperatures needed to reduce Legionella risk.

Another important aspect for Legionella management is the formation of biofilm on surfaces. Biofilm can impair heat transfer efficiency, cause severe localised corrosion and encourage the growth of Legionella and should be considered as high-risk contamination (L8-1, 1.9).

Hydropath Asia have over twenty years experience in the water treatment industry.

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