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Award winning HydroFLOW®

A to Z systems and sector success stories

Clean tech water treatment for limescale, biofouling and non-chemical flocculation.

HydroFLOW® is a modular and scalable system. It is used on many different applications and systems. You will find these systems used in all sectors of industry, commercial buildings and the residential home. Pretty much anywhere where water is, HydroFLOW® is too.

Patented in 1992, HYDROPATH and our Partners have 30 Years’ experience with HydroFLOW®.

We have hundreds of documented case studies, testimonials and success stories from around the world. I want to give you a flavour of these sectors and systems.

Alonit Stefanini Wainwright
MD, Hydropath Technology


A is for Aquaculture, Agriculture, Abattoir, Airports and on Aeration Systems.

In this story HydroFLOW® reduces chemicals at an Apple Packing Company


We have many installations on Steam Ovens in Bakeries, Breweries and of course on all types of Boilers.

Here is a nice one on 45 bakeries in Tunisia


C Is a splendid buzzing Letter when it come to HydroFLOW®. We have installations on Caravan Parks, Car Washes, Cement Factories.

We have a nice case study at a Cheese Factory. There are many at Commercial Kitchens, a famous Chip Manufacturers (potato Chips and Silicon Chips). You will find HydroFLOW® installed on Coffee machines, Cafes, Commercial Kitchens, Condominiums.

HydroFLOW® is on HVAC in all types of Commercial Buildings such as this nice story at a Children’s Hospital. The last story I want to share is a double C. A Cooling Tower at a Casino.


Don’t forget that HydroFLOW® is used in Domestic and residential Heating systems as well as District Heating Systems. HydroFLOW® is used to enhance the operation of Desalination systems.

You will find us on Dairy Farms and Dairy production. Here we have a great endorsement from a Professional Dishwasher Company.


HydroFLOW® installations are common on Cooling Towers such Evaporative Towers and Evaporative Cooling Systems.

We have a nice case study at an Electronics Factory in India. In this blog we see how Limescale causes major inefficiency for the Electric Hot Water Cylinder.


One of first installation in the UK was at a famous Football Club. HydroFLOW® is utilised and acts as non-chemical Flocculation process to enhance Filtration on all sorts of systems and applications.

Increasingly manufacturers and companies are using HydroFLOW® to help meet their sustainability goals, to reduce water and reduce on chemical useage, as well as reduce carbon and energy use.

You will find HydroFLOW® installed on Fish Farms, on ornamental Fountains, for Fruit Washing, on the Foundry. This is a great case study at a Food Production Factory.


G is for Garment Factory and Gypsum Mining.

Here is a great case study at a Government Building where he performance of the Sea water Cooling System was improved by 17.3% with a real time savings $23,202


HydroFLOW® is used on all types of HVAC such as Heat Exchangers and Humidifiers.

HydroFLOW® is installed on all types of H letters such as Homes, Holiday Parks and we have many case studies in Care Homes and Hospitals.


I is for Irrigation Systems and a case study at an Injection Moulding Factory.

Here we focus on a case on an Ice Making Machine at an ICU hospital department.


J is for HydroFLOW® installations at a UK Juice Manufacturers, at JV Murcott Casting Die Manufacturer also in the UK, Jordan Valley Hydroelectric Power Plant, Royal Scientific Society of Jordan and finally at a Japanese car manufacturer.


K stands for an endorsement from KFC, Iowa back in 2015. Installations on a Koi Carp pond, Kibbutz and Kindergarten. Finally, I want to focus on HydroFLOW® USA who won the Kitchen Innovation Award.

“Congratulations! We are delighted to inform you that the Kitchen Innovation® Expert Panel of Judges has selected the HydroFLOW® Water Conditioners as one of the outstanding innovations to receive the Kitchen Innovations Award”.


L is for Luxury Yachts, Laundry, Legionella and Limescale, Limescale and more Limescale.


M is definitely for Manufacturing. HydroFLOW® is utilised in many types of Manufacturing such as on the Milk pasteurising process, Meat processing, the Mining Industry and on all types of spray nozzles such as Misting systems.

So many sectors and applications. Watch out for Part 2 of A to Z of HydroFLOW® coming to an Insight post near you.

Signing off.

Alonit Stefanini Wainwright

MD, Hydropath Technology Ltd

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