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HYDROPATH provides a full support package from design through to installation ensuring the best protection for hospitals, patients and healthcare professionals within.

HydroFLOW® electronic water conditioners offer a chemical-free approach to treating existing and new limescale as well as biofouling. They are an alternative to water softeners with the benefit of no ongoing replenishment costs, and with the treated water remaining potable.

Benefits of using HydroFLOW Electronic Water Conditioners


Significantly reduce the deposits of limescale encrustation


Eliminate the existing limescale in the pipes over time


Extend the life of equipment


Reduce energy & maintenance costs

Hospital & Care Home Water Treatment Services

Hospital and care home hot water systems are often under extreme use which can lead to rapid build-up of limescale. These hot water systems frequently experience problems due to the build-up of hard limescale, leading to an increase in energy costs.

Limescale can also cause blockages resulting in downtime to systems. It can also impair valves or pumps causing unsightly deposits on bathroom fittings, Increasing maintenance time and costs.

A single HydroFLOW® unit can cover an entire system with its unique cluster-forming signal that travels through the plumbing network covering both hot and cold services, in order to protect shower, taps and fittings (making them easier to clean) as well as cylinders, boilers and heat exchangers. HydroFLOW® can also help to control biofilm in heat exchangers, cooling towers and plumbing systems too.

Don’t just take our word for it

  • The result speaks for itself, the efficiency of the installed HydroFLOW® solution is undeniable. The objectives are fully achieved.

    Didier Kasprzykowsky Head of Maintenance Department

Prevention of Legionnaires Disease

Control of limescale is also important for the prevention of Legionnaires Disease. As noted in the L8 agreed code of practise for Legionnaires Disease, hardness scale forms a barrier to treatment chemicals and may provide microbial habitat. (L8-1, 1.9). Heavily scaled heat exchange surfaces make it more difficult to maintain the higher temperatures needed to reduce Legionella risk.

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