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Limescale and Biofouling Reduction for Japanese Car Manufacturer


The A to Z of water treatment with HydroFLOW®. From Jordan to Jordan River, today we focus on Japan.

This case study describes the installation on a cooling tower in an automobile factory of a major Japanese car manufacturer. The study recorded the effects of the HydroFLOW® on scale and algae. The test was conducted over a period of around three and a half months.

The heat exchanger and the oil compressor were normally opened up once every three years. At which time they require extensive cleaning, Even though supposedly protected by chemical treatment.

Before Installation HydroFLOW®. with algae

Before Installation HydroFLOW®. Cooling tower fins covered in limescale and algae

108 days after (right) installation of HydroFLOW®. . The removal of algae can be clearly seen.

108 days after installation of HydroFLOW®. The removal of algae can be clearly seen.


The latest inspection was timed to coincide with the end of the test. On inspection no scale was visible. Furthermore the bio-fouling “slime” normally observed was absent.

Although the heat exchanger could not be continually observed, the cooling tower fins were accessible and the growth of algae could be easily monitored. Over the three months the algae growth was seen to continually decrease.

Limescale and Bio-fouling Reduction on Cooling Towers with HydroFLOW®

Cooling towers are vital in a large range of applications. From air conditioning in residential or commercial buildings. To large scale cooling in heavy industry and power generation. Cooling towers suffer from a number of problems which HydroFLOW® can address. A major issue is limescale on the heat exchangers This reduces cooling efficiency and requires ongoing maintenance expenses. Additionally, there can be problems in the tower itself, either due to limescale again, or due to bacterial or algae growth.

Treatment with HydroFLOW® can prevent hard scale encrustation in the heat exchanger and on the tower, and reduce the bio-fouling. This allows operation with lower (or zero) chemical treatment and higher cycles of concentration, reducing the money spend on sewage and drain down as well as chemical treatment.

Limescale build-up on humidifier without HydroFLOW®hydroflow is used in comeercial bake for limescale control

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