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HydroFLOW® water treatment for Cooling Tower 44 inch pipe


HydroFLOW® water treatment for Cooling Tower 44 inch pipe

With nearly 30 years in the water industry, Hydropath Technology provides water treatment solutions to the homeowner, commerce and industry.

One of our triumphs is that we engineer, and manufacture custom-made HydroFLOW®.

This extremely successful 2019 installation is on a 44-inch pipe for a cooling tower.

Custom units are designed for use in applications such as large cooling towers, power stations, mining and anywhere else that high water flow necessitates greater pipe diameters.

HydroFLOW® can assist not only with treatment and prevention of limescale, but also with eradication of unwanted biological deposits, known as biofouling.

HYDROPATH’s patented technology can remove existing biofouling in heat exchangers and pipework and prevent its reoccurrence, saving time and money on maintenance and cleaning.

For pipe sizes larger than 200mm in outer diameter, our commercial ranges are available as Custom units suitable for any pipe, from pipes of diameter 10 inches, to pipes of several meters in diameter.

You can find out more detailed information on this system and installation by contacting us direct

Ice Maker after Hydroflow

Real-time connectivity

Take complete control over your HydroFLOW® ecosystem.