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Water Treatment For Cooling Towers


Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

HydroFLOW® units use non-chemical water treatment to address three problematic aspects of cooling tower operation: limescale on heat exchangers and tower surfaces, the level of blow-down required and build-up of biofilm and algae.

Reducing limescale means that heat transfer is no longer blocked and keeps exchangers operating at maximum efficiency, preventing wasted energy costs. With limescale controlled, towers can be operated at higher cycles of concentration, saving significant amounts of water. Flocculating particulates in the water improves filtration, reducing blow down levels and so saving on water and sewage costs.

HydroFLOW® can also help address biofilm, allowing a reduction in the use of expensive chemicals.

Mr. Adrian Blacklaws, International Business Manager writes from his HYDROPATH hot desk:

Did you know that since January 2021 there has been a 47% increase in major companies signing up to the United Nations’ Race to Zero?

Did you know that since the G7 summit held earlier this year in the UK 2,000 companies from across 84 countries have committed to a net zero future?

Did you also know that 215 of the world’s biggest companies have almost 1 trillion dollars at risk from climate impacts? Yet, those same companies have the potential to gain double that amount from the move to green economies.

HYDROPATH Technology has certainly seen this race to change with many global energy suppliers beating a path to our doors.

Would you like to know how Hydropath Technology and HydroFLOW® products can help your company join the ‘Race to Zero’?

Case Study – Central Pacific Plaza, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Central Pacific Plaza bank building in Honolulu, Hawaii, was cooled by two 300 ton cells and one 75 ton cell. Their objectives were to keep biological growth, scale accumulation and corrosion rate under control while using minimal amounts of chemicals. The towers were treated using a single Custom 14” HydroFLOW® unit, fitted before the chillers. Over a 90 day evaluation period, chemicals were gradually reduced or eliminated and the system carefully monitored.


Limescale and corrosion build-up inside the cooling tower and chillers remained under control even though antiscalant and anti-corrosive chemicals were discontinued. Biocide chemical was reduced by 85% and bacteria levels reduced from 100,000 CFU to 1,000 CFU. Blow-down reduced by 50% and Conductivity remained stable at 1245 ~ 1295 Micro Siemens.


Our Customers Say

  • “There is a HydroFLOW® unit treating the water of the cooling tower in the big V&D store in Eindhoven and also there the cooling tower is completely scale free. These successful projects with the HydroFLOW® units in the different locations in the last 4 years showed us that the HydroFLOW® technology meets all our expectations”

    Project Leader, Grontmij Technical Management, NL.


Designed for


Existing Limescale

Improved Filtration

Reduced Blowdown

Fighting BioFouling


  • Suitable for all pipe materials
  • Available for pipes ranging from 45mm to 2 or more meters in diameter
  • Assembled in place around existing pipe
  • Easy retrofit – no downtime

Approximate Dimensions

  • Length approx. 300mm along pipe
  • Extends approx. 100mm radially from pipe surface

Typical Installation Location

  • Cold inlet to heat exchanger, condenser or chiller

Further Information

  • For more detailed guidance on specification, installation or other information, please contact us or your local representative.

From Combi Boilers to Cooling Towers

HydroFLOW® units are working all over the world on multiple applications, treating carbonate and non-carbonate scaling and filtration issues in a wide variety of industries.

  • From homes to heavy industry

  • From spas to steel mills

  • Suitable for any pipe material

  • From 15mm to 1500+mm OD pipe diameter

Award Winning Technology

To find out more about the Solar Impulse Foundation and our other awards, please visit our awards page.

Environmental Technology Award

Awarded the solar impulse efficient solution label for environmental technology. The Solar Impulse Foundation, operators of the first solar-powered flight around the world, use an international panel of independent experts to assess and verify clean technologies and their environmental benefits.

HydroFLOW® are proudly part of #1000Solutions to protect the environment.

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