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Intergas Boilers recommends the HydroFLOW® Pearl.

"We only use and promote equipment we have confidence in, and we choose the HydroFLOW® Pearl for limescale control."

HYDROPATH Technology is pleased to announce that Intergas Heating recommends our household model HydroFLOW® Pearl for hard water areas around the UK.

Our award winning HydroFLOW® clean technology is proven to reduce water, energy and chemicals.

Intergas Heating have a 50-year history of making ground-breaking advances in boiler technology. In their Tech Talk of January 2021, it states that: “Limescale build-up can defeat the best heating designs and installations if preventative action isn’t taken”.

John Lawton, Technical Product Manager at Intergas goes on to write. “The HydroFLOW® Pearl, an electronic water conditioner, should be a vital constituent of every central heating system, to ensure the long term, efficient operation of domestic central heating systems.”

According to this source, 47% of household energy use is through heating and cooling. Add in water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers, there are many areas where HydroFLOW® will help mitigate the damaging effects on scaling in the household systems we all use every day.

Electric Oven
Washer & Dryer
Water Heater
Cooling & Heating

In the Tech Talk, Lawton lists 7 good reasons to choose the HydroFLOW® Pearl for household limescale control. He writes that it is easy to install, low in cost to operate and environmentally friendly.

"We are committed that each Intergas boiler performs to its’ optimal energy efficiency. Intergas Technical Team undergo a diligent process of testing of add-on products to choose the best fit for us. We only use and promote equipment we have confidence in, and we choose the HydroFLOW® HS38 for limescale control."
Terri Hickman
Intergas Marketing and Communications Manager
“In our humble way, HYDROPATH has been contributing toward Net Zero since 1992. Our patented no-chemical solutions are designed for the home and much more. It is important to us, to partner with companies like Intergas whose aim has always been to increase energy efficiency and reliability, whilst lowering emissions and energy bills for their customers. “
Alonit Stefanini Wainwright
Managing Director, Hydropath Technology

Typically installed on systems such as Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers, HydroFLOW® is designed to help systems maintain peak performance.

HydroFLOW® is utilised in the home and large building like hospitals and offices. It is also used in industries such as Agriculture, Manufacturing, Power Stations and Wastewater Treatment.

For more information on our HydroFLOW® products, please contact us.