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Third party report reveals $4,000 a month savings with Hydroflow for wastewater plant


Third party report reveals $4,000 a month savings with Hydroflow for Wastewater Plant.

Last year the Hydroflow won the WEF  award for the best innovative technology.

The recent report was published last week October 12, 2018. The primary objective was to get independent verification. In particular to validate the effectiveness of Hydropath Technology in struvite scaling. It focuses on indentifying changes to struvite scaling before and after installation of Hydroflow i range.

The test site was on the J.P. Messerly water pollution plant that serves the City of Augusta, USA and currently treats an average flow of 20 mgd.

The test period was between September 2017 and March 2018. From the September all anti-scalant feed was reduced to zero. A single Hydroflow model i160 was installed on on the six-inch diameter sludge feed line.

After installation of Hydroflow, the most significant findings was the elimination of all antiscalant chemicals. This alone has made the savings $4,000 a month. The calculated ROI is under eight months on the chemical alone. This calculation does not include the  savings and benefits. Reduction in maintenance, mininisation of process downtime and longer equipment life.

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