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HYDROPATH MARINE non-chemical water treatment for Fresh Water Generator

hydropath Marine FWG


A Fresh Water Generator (FWG) on board a ship provides a vital function as you can well imagine.


Without the specially designed HYDROPATH MARINE HydroFLOW®, limescale causes water production problems and maintenance that involves chemical treatment.

For a decade now Hydropath Marine has been providing non-chemical limescale and bio solutions to the marine industry.

On the vessel MV Hoegh Antwerp, limescale build up on the heat exchanger to the FWG was a problem that needed solving.


In 2014, the ship owner and ship management company performed an 18-month trial of HydroFLOW® Hydropath Marine water treatment technology on the FWG. The report states that

“Since installation date January 2014 to June 26, 2015 there was no reduction in water production of the FWG, and it is working in full capacity without chemical treatment and without opening for cleaning.”

The report following the trial states:

“The FWG was opened for inspection on June 26, 2015 (After 18 months) although water production was not reduced (20.5 mt/day). The reason for opening was only in order to inspect the efficiency of the Hydropath Marine treatment and its results. No lime scale build-up was found during opening and no chemicals were required for cleaning. The plates were washed with water and put back into the chamber”

Hydropath Marine water treatment devices improve system efficiency and longevity as well reduce intensive maintenance issues and chemical usage.

hydroflow is used in comeercial bake for limescale control

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